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Strengthen your online presence + update your business digitally

Here are some of my TIPS + TRICKS to strengthen your online presence + update your business digitally during this time.


  • Keep your customers updated, what precautions are you taking? How is your business operating during this time?

  • Add a shop to your Facebook page - reach your audience with your products/services quicker by adding them to your Facebook shop.

  • Link your products to Instagram so you can easily tag them and customers can view + click directly though to the website link.

  • Create content of your products or services to share online. Now is a really great time to batch content, spend time scheduling social posts or even just creating draft posts that you can utilise later.

  • Connect with your audience through video. Sharing video's promotes higher engagement and really, people just love them! Answer some questions, provide more info, show off your products, share your story - find out what they want! Endless options here.


  • Update your inventory! If people aren't coming to you to shop, make it easier to get to them through your online store. Remove old stock, add new stock and even offer online sales for ageing stock or just to generate traffic.

  • Get pro with your SEO. Get to know relevant keywords and ways to impress Goolge to help you in your search rankings. Don't forget to check those URLs, image titles and Meta data.

  • Write some blog articles! Not only are these a great way for you to give back to your community with useful information, pretty imagery, or a funny tale - they also help keep your sites content fresh and offer a chance to amp up your SEO.

  • Refresh imagery + design elements, these are your opportunity to grab the attention of your buyer.

  • Refine your mission, vision and values. It may have been a while since you set these, visiting them every 12 months is a great way to ensure you're still on track + they match your current path. If these aren't already listed on your website - get them up.

If I can answer any questions, I'm working safely + healthily away so please feel free to shout out.



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