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We don't need the stats to know that, as a population, we're online more than we are almost anywhere else. Alright - I'll give them to you anyway! Last year it was estimated the average Australian spends up to 5.5 hours per day using an internet service. Raw Confetti can work with you to:

  • Connect with your ideal client/customer

  • Create consistent, on brand content to have at the ready

  • Schedule your social media strategy and marketing ahead of time

  • Bring your vision to life through beautiful graphics & posts that land with the people you intend to reach.

Social Media Graphic Creation

The world is quite literally your oyster when it comes to social media. Hubs like Facebook and Instagram have created a very live, interactive audience for you in one place - it’s just up to you to utilize this space to your best advantage. Not sure where to start? Let’s jump on a Discovery Call to explore your options.

If your business is new to social media, Raw Confetti always starts the journey off with a Strategy Session - this session will explore who your demographics are, where and when they are online and which platforms you are best to target. If we’ve already completed your branding or if you come along already branded (yay!) then we can jump straight into the aesthetics of your social media posts - what do you want to say, how do you want to say it and how will it look?

Raw Conetti works with client’s in a way that best suits them - some clients purchase a bundle of graphics at once to use over a certain timeframe (months, a year), and others work on a monthly or week by week basis. We can tailor your package to suit your requirements and put our best foot forward from there.


Graphics created consist of: 

  • Instagram Feed “Tiles” - quote graphics, related imagery that pops, carousel slides etc

  • Instagram Stories - engaging stories (quizzes, templates), quotes for sharing, services information and product highlights

  • Facebook Post

  • Facebook Stories

  • Audiowaves and videos (with and without soundbar and subtitles) - sized for Instagram or Facebook

  • Pinterest Graphics

  • Blog Banners and Graphics

Written Content Creation

As much as Raw Confetti loves all things visually pleasing, we’re also proud of our constant love affair with the written word! 


Whether you need a hand with creating SEO rich website content to go with the website we build together or your existing site (we’re talking ‘about us’, ‘services’ (like you’re reading this very moment!), e-Newsletters, product descriptions and so forth), craftly written blogs and articles, social media campaigns or e-newsletters - you’ve come to the right spot. 


Collaborating with our client’s to understand what they do, why they do it and learn a little more on their products and services is all it takes for us to want to sing it from the rooftops (or your website!). From Real Estate, to Photography, Fashion and everything in between, Raw Confetti loves crafting words to help showcase their clients in ways they may ont think to do themselves. We see you…

Feel you’ve got something I can help you express? I’m totally happy to have a Discovery Call to chat all about it. 

Social Media Account Management

As well as creating Social Media Content, Raw Confetti also works with clients to manage their business channels - this includes researching peak times for posting and scheduling posts across all required channels.


This can include content journeys* (*Raw Confetti’s signature term for repurposing content across multiple channels and platforms) wherein one main piece of content can be repurposed to create multiple graphics and posts - think a blog, turn Facebook post, turn Instagram story, turn Pin on Pinterest, turn e-Newsletter. 

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