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Creatress + Owner over here at Raw Confetti

Totally saw you there... I'm Keira.


You've landed in safe hands if you're in need of a business bestie!

Equal parts heart + head, I truly believe that we (humans) do our best business when it's created from a place of connection. So I'd love to share a little bit of ME with YOU.

I've lived and worked just about everywhere - from City, to Coast and now in Country. Regardless where I've been, there's one thing that's always remained true - my creative flair and love of helping people.

Amongst the colour and wizardry that is Raw Confetti, I get to do both!

I've always been enthusiastic about branding. With over 10 years experience in the print and media industry, I'm thrilled to be working with inspiring clients daily to help them bring their dreams to life - on screen and on paper.

The ways in which you can express yourself, your products and services through different marketing mediums really lights me up.


Through my varied roles across different mediums (print and digital) and different stages of marketing (creation, research and launch),  I’ve seen first-hand what a difference branding choice can make (I’m talkin’ colour theory, element representation, placement etc) when it comes to potential clients buying products and using services. 

When I'm not tapping away at my laptop or in sessions with my clients brainstorming branding or content I'll probably be at the park with my partner and our Pug and Kelpie. Life is pretty great - I mean sunflowers + the colour pink exist so I'm pretty thrilled. 

I can walk my clients along a full business branding and marketing journey. From: 

·      Brand conception, brand design (mood boarding, colour scheme, logo creation, business card design)

·      website design

·      SEO focus (helping brands establish relevant keywords for use throughout their online content)

·      Marketing strategy (target audience and how best can we capture their attention)

·      Communication plans (social media content creation + management, email campaign creation + distribution, blog/article writing + posting)

·      various design concepts (online/print sales and promotional material). 

I'd love to help you see your business through a lense you haven't looked into before and co-create with you to curate that lense into your reality. The best way to establish exactly how this could look for you and I is to get talking, I love a good chat.

PS. a squiz through my portfolio is a fab way to get a feel for my work and the vibe I proudly carry into each project.

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Meet Keira

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