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Celebrating Milestones

✨ More than just a laptop ✨

I actually filmed myself opening this. However I can't get the cropping of the video to work so here's a weird screenshot instead 😂 #reallife

To be holding this baby in my hands is actually surreal. It arrived today and I kept it packed up on my desk all day just to extra savour the moment - am I crazy?? Nerding out?? Maybe. But I wanted to share this moment because as a sole trader/small business - THESE MOMENTS MATTER. And we should celebrate them!

MacBookPros are amazing for many reasons, and I love all of them. It's both a professional and personal dream of mine come true - but as a business, it means that I can design even better and work even faster. Yess Raw Confetti. What a win!

What do you have to celebrate?? I'd LOVE to hear it and celebrate with you 🥳



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