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I am here.

I wanted to take a moment to let my wonderful clients know that I am still here and also to thank you for your continued support of myself and Raw Confetti.

As majority of my work takes place in an online capacity, I am feeling very grateful to be operating business as usual, with only a small set back in schedule due to the current happenings in our communities.

If you have a current project with me, rest assured work will continue - I'll be in touch with you to advise on new timelines, ensure that everything is still A-OK on your end, and also to check if I can be supporting you further through this.

For any outstanding estimates or even conversations surrounding upcoming works, know that you are safe to come to me when the time is right to kick off your project.

I am also here as a solid support if you would like any guidance or advice on how you can move forward and evolve to suit this current time. Please feel free to reach out, I'd love to chat. When most things in life are feeling a little uncertain, it's a beautiful anchor for me to know

Raw Confetti is just as she was. And so I thank you, am thinking of you and send wishes of health and happiness your way.



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