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Gunnedah Business Partner Program

Did I tell you??

I was one of 14 lucky local businesses to receive funding from Gunnedah Shire Councils Business Partner Program for 2019/20 for the expansion of Raw Confetti!!

On a practical level for me, this means support in upgrading the key tool to my work and passion - my laptop! My current laptop is not fully capable of where I need to go, and upgrading wasn't something on the cards for me anytime soon. But now, I'm waiting on my MACBOOK (a lifelong dream!) to arrive in the post. I look forward to not raising my fists in frustration 73 times a day now!

On a personal level, I'm motivated and touched to know that our Council see's the same value in Raw Confetti and the services it offers as I do. As a small business owner, "solopreneur" you can quite often get into your own head and lose your way. But I feel solid again in knowing that I am helping local businesses expand and inject back into the economy and forge growth in our local #gunnedah region.

YIPPEE!!! Feeling pretty lucky + special.



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