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Discover. Embrace. Be You. In your business

Something I'm still personally learning in business is that it's ok to BE YOU.

Starting a business - I never would have imagined that there would be so many personal buttons pressed. Like self worth, fear of being criticised, people not liking me or my work, putting myself out there so openly, getting things wrong, letting people down.

Raw Confetti as a brand and as a voice is bright, bold and shiny - it reflects me in many ways and I was afraid it wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea. Being everyone's cup of tea is what I've always tried to be.

Even though I'm still pushing through these fears, I'm learning to remind myself that I didn't make this cup of tea for everyone!

It's through this experience of showing up in life and in business over and over that I know more than ever that branding goes further than some colours on a screen. It's more than typography, a logo. It's about voicing, showing up, and being seen. And boy do I love helping people do that, especially as I learn to do so myself in my own business ✨🙌

Tell me, what pushes you to grow in your business? I'm super curious!



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