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Website Creation

(no pre-existing site)

Raw Confetti offers website creation Wix, Shopify and Squarespace. 


My choice in builder platforms is based on my desire to provide clients with a website for their business on a platform that is user friendly and intuitive so that they feel empowered to make changes to the content and aesthetics without the need to outsource. In turn this saves them money, allows them to work on a schedule that suits them (product launches, copy changes, blog uploads and so on) without having to work into the calendar of a web developer for further chargeable hours. 


The vision and requirements you have for your website are what determine the platform. We can build a website that:

  • Helps with brand awareness, provides information to clients on the services you offer and helps build you ranking in Google. 

  • Creates a space online for your customers to shop both your physical and virtual products 

  • Offers the functionality of ease for both you and your clients to book appointments with you online


Whether being bold and aesthetically pleasing or sleek and functional are at the top of your list – we can jump on a discovery call to chat all things business and branding.

Have a website in place that isn’t floating your boat? Perhaps it’s outdated or doesn’t provide functionalities you’re hoping for. Over time, without updates, businesses can ‘outgrow’ their websites and styles (layouts and graphics) may have gone out of fashion. 


Raw Confetti not only creates websites where there was nothing previously, we also work with clients to help them freshen up what’s already there. We can: 

  • Switch out content – if the visual aspect of your website is still ticking the boxes but the written content (about us, services etc) need an update – or on the flip side, if the written content is A-OK but the visual cues are no longer your thing – we can work within your pre-existing site to re-create something that aligns with your vision. 

  • Move your platform – is your site as a whole still relevant but you’re wanting to move away from outsourcing the work on your website? Or you’ve heard of these website builders that other businesses are using to manage their own site and want to know what it’s all about? Raw Confetti will chat with you about the wants and needs for your business website on a Discovery Call to determine which platform will work for you. From here we pull all content from your pre-existing site and re-build it into the chosen builder platform. 

Website Re-Vamps

(re-creation of existing site)

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