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Not sure where to take your brand?
Let's strategize.

  • Who is your target market - here we discover your target market/s (often referred to as avatars or personas) - the demographic (statistical characteristics like age, gender, location, marital status) of your target audience will play a very large part in your business and brand strategy. The first step then should always be to learn about them. Who are they? Where are they? How can you appeal to them?

  • Mood boarding, think of a vision board but for your brand - how will your brand look? The mood board can include inspiring images, colours, symbols - whatever feels aligned with the vision we’re aiming to create. What emotions do you want to evoke in your audience and customers/clients? Colour theory and emotional associations to various elements will assist us in achieving your results.

Marketing +



  • Voice creation + consistency - how will you speak to your audience? This will help determine your brand's voice - how would you speak with them if you were face to face? Keeping this communication style across all platforms and marketing is imperative to keep your brand consistent.

  • Business Calendar Prep - Raw Confetti can supply you with important calendar dates that are relevant to your industry. These dates are a great starting point for a marketing and business calendar - they will provide highlights on events, worldwide and local happenings. Easily utilize these dates as points of interest in your social and digital marketing. Run seasonal sales and campaigns, celebrate with your audience, encourage engagement on topics that matter, educate and give back. 

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