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Brand + Graphic


Your brand matters!

As much as I want it to help attract your target market, I want it to feel perfect for you. I want it to encompass all that you imagine it to be – from the colour to the font to the graphics – it needs to represent who your business is, what it does and why your clients would want to choose you. You have only SECONDS to grab the attention of your potential customers – how do you want to spend them? 


Raw Confetti offers all things brand strategy. On our Discovery Call we can delve into your mission and vision to start imagining your how your brand will look, sound and where it will appear. As part of the design process (and after we’ve finalised your branding strategy if required), we offer:

  • Logo/Brand creation, to give your customers and potential market the best opportunity to easily identify your brand and business, you’ll want a logo that represents your message. By definition in the Oxford Dictionary a logo is “a symbol or other small design adopted by an organization to identify its products, uniform, vehicles, etc.” Through our Discovery Call, and after working on your mood board and voice creation - we now have a clear vision for your brand. This is where I work behind the scenes to bring this vision to reality. 

       Each logo creation project Raw Confetti works on receives 3 original options with up to 4 edits on the selected design. Final files include colour, black and a white version along with          stacking alternatives (portrait, landscape for example).

  • Brand guideline - possibly THE most important document in your brand strategy, your brand guideline will contain the elements that make up your business branding. It will include the chosen colour palette, fonts, symbols and varying logo options. These guidelines will form part of your business documentation so that, should anyone work internally or externally with your business - they’ll have easy and clear access to the direction and regulation to follow when working with your branding elements.

Brand Design

Graphic Design

  • Business card design - once we’ve got your brand down pat, it’s time to start getting it out there to deliver your message. One of the oldest tricks in the book is a stand out business card, it’s a physical remembering you can leave behind so that your contacts know where and how to find you when they need you.

  • Poster and flyers design - want to spread your message? Printed collateral is still fantastic practice to catch attention. Whether you have a campaign or special offer you want to highlight or believe that people need to know your brand all year round, leaving posters and flyers in store as you can is a great way to get in front of those who need your products and/or services. Let’s design something that demands attention - who knows who may read it as they’re on their morning commute or awaiting their afternoon coffee?

  • Social Media Branding Collateral - the design pieces of your brand for use on your businesses social media accounts. Think Facebook and Instagram profile pictures, cover images, event graphics and so on. Interested in graphics for your feeds? See Content Creation.

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