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Meet Keira

Creatress + Owner

Working with businesses to establish their brand voice, showcase their work, and offer engaging content is what I do best.

Raw Confetti is all about design, content, and strategy. 

✨ Need a new website? I've got you. 

🔥 Your current website is outdated? Let's take a look at it. 

☀️ Want to start showcasing your products and services through regular blogs? I love to craft words to tell a captivating story.

⚡ Got the business down pat but social media isn't a strong point? It is one of mine.

Some people are afraid to shine, let's show them how to be brave 🌈


+ skills

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Website Design

Website creation + re-designs for start-up, small and medium business across multiple platforms and devices.

With a focus on client usability, my websites are simple, effective and easy to use on both ends.

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Brand + Graphic Design

Brand development for new and existing businesses including mood boarding, brand strategy, logos, business cards, flyers, social media graphics, and more.

I believe that your brand should represent you and your voice - how your clients perceive you starts with their first glimpse of your brand.

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Content Creation

Creating client content LIGHTS ME UP! 


I LOVE that I get to use my own vision to help bring theirs further to life, and, often in ways they may not have thought to do. That's just what happens sometimes in business - you're on the front line, burrowed down.


So I come in to get creative and showcase my clients passion, products + services in an expansive way. Bliss! 

Graphic creation + batching for social media platforms (Facebook + Instagram)

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Marketing +

Digital Strategy

Not sure where to take your brand? Let's strategize. 


  • Marketing planning and brainstorms.


  • Business calendar prep

  • Voice creation + consistency




"I call on Keira and ask her to take my words, ideas, vision and energy and weave it into something beautiful, and damn does she deliver. 

As well as making magic with designs and resources, Keira also helps me with the admin tasks of my biz too. This means that that I get to stay focused on creating potent and powerful content and experiences for my beautiful clients at the same time.

Amy Mackenzie

Designing Her Life

"Keira is a great content writer who helps us writing amazing blog posts. She listened and researched on what I needed on a blog post to capture audience attention and rank well on SEO aspect.


Awesome to have her write my blog post. Quick and responsive and will continue to have her back"

Jackson Cung Photography

"We welcomed Keira into our team to upgrade our SEO and manage our website and social media load. 

Her bright, shiny and creative personality blended right into our family dynamic and a weight lifted from my shoulders. 
Thank you so much for your help and expertise!"

Tana Byrnes

Willow & Fli

"Keira is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is truly passionate about the work she does and it shows.


I would not hesitate in recommending Keira to anyone."

Em Wilson

Gunnedah Shire Council

"Raw Confetti upgraded our website, integrated with EventBrite and put our initial Facebook page together. We agreed on fixed scope and discussed issues as they arose. Thanks Kiera for using my preferred tool for tracking this work (Trello)."

Geoff Mether

Know Business


From My Blog

From a young age 'ya girls loved to write (and talk)! Nothing has felt better than using my skills to not only write FOR clients, but also to share the journey, educate where I can and share my knowledge (in way of tips + tricks of course) in my very own Raw Confetti blog.

Here you will find all sorts of goodies, none of which will disappoint I'm sure. 


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