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What you can do within your business through Covid-19.

Times are strange, that's for sure. Corona Virus or Covid-19, Rona.. Whatever you may call it, it's something that the world wasn't ready for. So I'm sure you weren't in your business either. Locally in Gunnedah, on top of Drought - I see business pivot and prosper throughout these times is awe-inspiring.

What can you do within your business if you're facing downtime in face to face interaction, sales etc?

Making the most of the situation could look like this for your business:

Refined vision, mission and values Planned content An online strategy to reach those you aren't seeing face to face Building your presence in areas you may not usually focus on Expansion in online inventory Updates to your website content Writing blog articles to inform customers on making better choices

I speak more on the topic in the video but please feel free to reach out if you have any questions, are after any advice, or simply want a chat.

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